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hdu 1711(kmp算法)

Problem Description
Given two sequences of numbers : a[1], a[2], ...... , a[N], and b[1], b[2], ...... , b[M] (1 <= M <= 10000, 1 <= N <= 1000000). Your task is to find a number K which make a[K] = b[1], a[K + 1] = b[2], ...... , a[K + M - 1] = b[M]. If there are more than one K exist, output the smallest one.


The first line of input is a number T which indicate the number of cases. Each case contains three lines. The first line is two numbers N and M (1 <= M <= 10000, 1 <= N <= 1000000). The second line contains N integers which indicate a[1], a[2], ...... , a[N]. The third line contains M integers which indicate b[1], b[2], ...... , b[M]. All integers are in the range of [-1000000, 1000000].


For each test case, you should output one line which only contain K described above. If no such K exists, output -1 instead.
using namespace std;
int numa[1000100], numb[10010], Next[10010], m, n;
void getnext()
      Next[0] = -1;
      int  i = 0, j = -1;
      while(i != m - 1)
          if(j == -1 || numb[i] == numb[j])
              Next[i] = j;
              j = Next[j];
int kmp()
    int i = 0, j = 0;
    while(i != n && j != m)
        if(j == -1 || numa[i] == numb[j])
            j = Next[j];
    if(j == m)
        return i - j + 1;
        return -1;
int main()
    int t;
        scanf("%d%d", &n, &m);
        for(int i = 0; i<n; i++)
            scanf("%d", &numa[i]);
        for(int i =0; i<m; i++)
            scanf("%d", &numb[i]);
        printf("%d\n", kmp());
    return 0;


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