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Hdu 1043 eight

<div class="panel_content">The 15-puzzle has been around for over 100 years; even if you don't know it by that name, you've seen it. It is constructed with 15 sliding tiles, each with a number from 1 to 15 on it, and all packed into a 4 by 4 frame with one tile missing. Let's call the missing tile 'x'; the object of the puzzle is to arrange the tiles so that they are ordered as:

 1  2  3  4
 5  6  7  8
 9 10 11 12
13 14 15  x

where the only legal operation is to exchange 'x' with one of the tiles with which it shares an edge. As an example, the following sequence of moves solves a slightly scrambled puzzle:

 1  2  3  4     1  2  3  4     1  2  3  4     1  2  3  4
 5  6  7  8     5  6  7  8     5  6  7  8     5  6  7  8
 9  x 10 12     9 10  x 12     9 10 11 12     9 10 11 12
13 14 11 15    13 14 11 15    13 14  x 15    13 14 15  x
            r->            d->            r->

The letters in the previous row indicate which neighbor of the 'x' tile is swapped with the 'x' tile at each step; legal values are 'r','l','u' and 'd', for right, left, up, and down, respectively.

Not all puzzles can be solved; in 1870, a man named Sam Loyd was famous for distributing an unsolvable version of the puzzle, and
frustrating many people. In fact, all you have to do to make a regular puzzle into an unsolvable one is to swap two tiles (not counting the missing 'x' tile, of course).

In this problem, you will write a program for solving the less well-known 8-puzzle, composed of tiles on a three by three
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<div class="panel_title" align="left">Input</div>
<div class="panel_content">You will receive, several descriptions of configuration of the 8 puzzle. One description is just a list of the tiles in their initial positions, with the rows listed from top to bottom, and the tiles listed from left to right within a row, where the tiles are represented by numbers 1 to 8, plus 'x'. For example, this puzzle

1 2 3
x 4 6
7 5 8

is described by this list:

1 2 3 x 4 6 7 5 8</div>
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<div class="panel_title" align="left">Output</div>
<div class="panel_content">You will print to standard output either the word ``unsolvable'', if the puzzle has no solution, or a string consisting entirely of the letters 'r', 'l', 'u' and 'd' that describes a series of moves that produce a solution. The string should include no spaces and start at the beginning of the line. Do not print a blank line between cases.</div>
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<div class="panel_title" align="left">Sample Input</div>
<div class="panel_content">
<div>2 3 4 1 5 x 7 6 8</div>
<div class="panel_bottom"> 题意:给你一个起始的八数码状态,让你找到还原的操作方法,输出容易的方案就可以的。</div>
<div class="panel_bottom">思路:所有的解的最终目的都是一个状态,我们可以从最终状态出发,到达所有可以到达的点,然后打一个表,记录前驱路径。状态可以用全排列的编号来表示该状态,因为是反过来的,所以操作是反的。</div>
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using namespace std;
const double eps = 1e-10;
const int inf = 0x3f3f3f3f, N = 5000 + 10, Mod = 1000000000;
typedef long long ll;
char s[100], num[100];
struct node
    int status, pre;
    char run;
    node() {};
    node(int Status, int Pre, char Run):status(Status), pre(Pre), run(Run) {}
} pre[400000];
char run[] = "rlud";
int fact[10], vis[400000];
int get_hash(int x)
    char ss[20];
    sprintf(ss, "%09d", x);
    int res = 0;
    int mark[10];
    memset(mark, 0, sizeof(mark));
    for(int i = 0; i<9; i++)
        int cnt = 0;
        mark[ss[i]-'0'] = 1;
        for(int j = 0; j<ss[i]-'0'; j++)
        res += cnt * fact[8 - i];
    return res;
char C[] = "rlud";
int change(int status, char c)
    char ss[20];
    sprintf(ss, "%09d", status);
    int id;
    for(int i = 0; ss[i]; i++)
        if(ss[i] == '0')
            id = i;
    if(c == 'd')
        if(id/3 == 0)
            return -1;
            swap(ss[id], ss[id-3]);
    if(c == 'u')
        if(id/3 == 2)
            return -1;
        else swap(ss[id], ss[id+3]);
    if(c == 'r')
        if(id%3 == 0)
            return -1;
        else swap(ss[id], ss[id-1]);
    if(c == 'l')
        if(id%3 == 2)
            return -1;
        else swap(ss[id], ss[id+1]);
    return atoi(ss);
void bfs()
    int x, y, z;
    memset(vis, 0, sizeof(vis));
    vis[get_hash(123456780)] = 1;
    pre[get_hash(123456780)].pre = -1;
    queue<int> q;
    int ok = 0 ;
        x = q.front();
        for(int i = 0; i<4; i++)
            y = change(x, C[i]);
            z = get_hash(y);
            if(!vis[z] && y!=-1)
                pre[z].pre = get_hash(x);
                pre[z].run = C[i];
                vis[z] = 1;
    return ;
int main()

    fact[0] = 1;
    for(int i = 1; i<=9; i++)
        fact[i] = fact[i-1] * i;
        int k = 0;
        for(int i = 0; s[i]; i++)
            if(s[i]!=' ')
                if(s[i] != 'x')
                    num[k++] = s[i];
                else num[k++] = '0';
        num[k] = 0;
        int sta = atoi(num);
            if(sta == 123456780)
            int root = get_hash(sta);
            queue<char> ans;
                root = pre[root].pre;
                printf("%c", ans.front());
    return 0;




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